Jo Fowler's Living Room - London

This client had just had her extension done and was struggling in how to incorporate different programs into one large space. The house already had a living room and a gorgeous dining room, the space was too big to be left only as a playroom so the concept of a family room was ideal but its challenge was of how to "fit it all" in one room without transforming it into a patchwork of furniture and desires.



Once more stylish toy storage (and in this case "cat storage" too) solutions came in as the central element of the design. The bookshelf was turned sideways and suspended in the wall leaving more space for storage of different toy sizes. A wooden cat house attached to the wall enabled the clients to ditch their old cat toys while still making a space for them to escape from the kids. Their vintage storage unit and room entrance where painted in an aqua green and the room was brightened up by some colourful touches.