Danielle's son Bedroom

When contacted by his mum with the request to transform this 7-year old bedroom I was almost moved to tears. She described her boy with some much detail, love and attention, she described his hobbies and personality and I was so touched and eager to start designing. She also had Pinterest ideas lined up that described what her dream room would be for him, she had it all and needed my help to put her ideas together and to provide her with new insights in how to best use the space she had.


Taking all in, I mixed contemporary and vintage accessories in the room. By changing both beds to the window side of the room I opened up a lot of wall and floor space, making the room feel bigger and the beds to be able to double as "window seats" during the day. A vintage wardrobe was the perfect match I found for this boy's existing writing bureau where he spends a lot of his time. The wallpaper was proposed for two walls, but in one of them, it was installed only partially making a diagonal line appear allowing the white wall behind it to stand out and more wall accessories to make the room unique.