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the show off

would you like to take full use of your great new open space but you also have kids (and toys) and are a bit afraid things will be all over? do you have a few key art pieces your love but just don't know where to put them? share your worries and they might become the key elements that lead your room transformation.

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gues(t) who

why not make full use of your guest room daily? this client wanted a space where her young girls could come after school to do their homework, relax and play, but also be able to transform the space in a fully comfortable guest bedroom when needed without the girl's toys being on the way

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the extra room

what do you do when you already have a great living room, a gorgeous dining room and your playroom is way too big to give it all to the kids? why not transform it into a family room were everyone can relax and play together without getting on each other's face?

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designing a room for a 7-year-old boy does not need to mean to transform into in a hero movie set - after having the most moving description of his personality from his mum together with some beautiful inspiration images, this gorgeous room was exactly what he wished for

young boy old soul

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"the nursery will go in the box room" they said - and then the reality of the tons of things they wanted in the bedroom kicked in. That is when design helped to choose the best furniture that would not take over too much space. You can have it all while still keeping it stylish

the box room

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do you live in a big city, in a rented space and move every few years? does the cost and hassle of committing to new furniture to your new space scare you a bit too much? It is ok, you can keep it all and still have a stunning new space with just a few new changes  

NYC keep it all

get it sorted

from a forgotten place to a flexible guest bedroom/work area

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scandi me up

would you like to keep most of your furniture but still have a massive change in your room? check this living room project and see how a few little changes can have a great impact in your room

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making it unique

when you thought that things could not get cutter in this "big girl" bedroom, unique items came together to add playfulness while still keeping is stylish  

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Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 14.06.57.png
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How does it work



Upload images of your existing room and, if you have it, of the room floor plan (it can be the ones from the real state agent). Include separate images of specific existing furniture and decoration items that you would like to keep in your new design. Include your budget for the room furnishing, if you are not sure of it I'm here to help you.




Upload inspiration images or a link to your Pinterest board for the room you would like to design. Describe your dreams and aspirations for the room. Tell me a bit more about how you like to use the space, let me know if you have any hobbies or interests that could be incorporated into the design scheme, etc.  



Sit back and relax while your dream room is on the way. The design proposal takes between 3 days to 2 weeks depending on the complexity of the project and you will be informed of the time-scale as soon as your project is submitted.


per room




Your new room design is ready! You will receive your project design in pdf and jpg format, where your room will be able to be visualised in a realistic way and will include the floor plan and links to all the furniture and accessories used in the design. Included in your original fee you are entitled to up to three room alterations where we can test new colours, products, or anything you are not fully satisfied with.

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Hello, I am Juliana Muniz Westcott and I am passionate about structuring spaces to enhance people's lifestyles, dreams and to improve their life and sense of well being at home, in a shop, at the office or wherever design might take me.


As a busy interior designer,, architect, urbanist, painter and mother of two who have move around quite a bit I understand the need to be flexible in how you want to design your house either it being for the space being a transient one or even when you found your forever home but your daily needs change often as your family needs do. 


Looking forward to helping you with this journey to the space of your dreams that can fit in your pocket.

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